DayDateMain couseDessert
Monday09.03.2020Homemade bolognaise, garlic bread & peasOat biscuit & milk
Tuesday10.03.2020Beef burger & chipsYoghurt & fruit
Wednesday11.03.2020Roast pork, stuffing, potatoes, vegetable & gravySponge & custard
Thursday12.03.2020Chicken Tikka, rice and naan breadice cream and fruit
Friday13.03.2020Fish fingers, potatoes & beansSponge and custard


DayDateMain CourseDessert
Monday24.02.2020Pasta bolognaise, garlic bread & peas Chocolate Cookie
Tuesday25.02.2020French Bread Pizza, chips & saladFruit Salad
Wednesday26.02.2020Sausage, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, vegetables & gravySponge and Custard
Thursday27.02.2020Spaghetti Chicken, crusty bread, peasMuffin
Friday28.02.2020Fish, Potatoes & beansSponge and Custard


Monday 02.03.2020Meatballs, pasta & veg Ice cream sponge roll
Tuesday03.03.2020Cawl and Crusty bread Sponge and Custard
Wednesday 04.03.2020Roast Chicken, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables and Gravy Shortbread Biscuit
Thursday 05.03.2020Chicken grills, waffles & beansChocolate Muffin
Friday 06.03.2020Fish, chips & beansChocolate sponge & white sauce


All our school dinners are cooked and prepared in our school kitchen by our school cooks and kitchen staff.

We strive to provide the children with a healthy balanced diet. Please inform your child’s teacher of any allergies or intolerances.

The school reserves the right to change the menu on occasion, and will endeavour to inform parents of changes where appropriate.